TOYOPEARL® chromatography resins are hydrophilic, macroporous, bulk processing media designed especially for large-scale chromatography applications. TOYOPEARL resins are available for the most common modes of liquid chromatography: size exclusion (SEC), hydrophobic interaction (HIC), ion exchange (IEC), Affinity (AFC) and Protein A Affinity chromatography .

Based on their semi-rigid backbone structure TOYOPEARL resins assure excellent pressure/flow characteristics. TOYOPEARL is stable over the pH 2-13 range. Particle sizes are 20-40 µm superfine grade (S) for the highest performance, 40-90 µm for economical purification (M), and 90-120 µm coarse grade (C) and 100 - 300 µm extra coarse grade (EC) for the largest scale chromatography.
Similar Chemistries of TOYOPEARL and TSKgel® columns allow seamless scale up. TOYOPEARL polymeric resins are available as bulk resin and in prepacked ToyoScreen® columns for convenient screening.

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